Hephaestus and the Senses (Workshop) (2012)

An associated workshop preceding to the inaugural lecture of prof. dr. ir. Caroline Hummels.

In the workshop, Hephaestus and the Senses, preceding to the inaugural lecture of Prof. Caroline Hummels, participants from various disciplines are divided into 15 groups, connecting with each other through exploring one another’s skills and values by playing with the enabling tools designed by students from the master module, Hephaestus and the Senses.

We explore the situation when a person from a certain culture resides into another culture, he/she might have difficulties of involving into the locals, especially as an individual acts towards a group of people. What we propose is a magnetic gadget that hints the hospitalities between strangers that might show openness and invite the expats to join a group sharing.

“In this Hephaestus and the Senses workshop the participants designed a tool for citizens to socially connect through their senses. Eighty persons participated from different cultural and professional background, and affiliations e.g. from industry, government, local institutions, university and freelance positions. Approximately half of the team had a ‘creative and synthesising’ profession, such as designer, architect or dancer, and the others not. The workshop was based on an phenomenology-inspired design approach and it coincided with the inaugural speech of Caroline Hummels (September 29, 2012).