Re-living Traces

Experiencein 2014

Designers Mehmet Yalvac, Pieta van der Molen, Zhiyuan Zheng, Laura van Geel, Nicolle Helgers

In the past, research has been done upon memories and sharing of memories. However most of those systems are related to the sharing of visual memories in the form of photos. Instead, this paper discusses about leaving of traces. Every human being leaves traces of them having been somewhere by means of multisensory drops such as olfactory or visual clues. What if those traces can be captured and unfolded more explicitly to enhance peoples' experiences as a way to increase the feeling of social connectedness? Furthermore, how can a design that enables these traces becoming clearer cues to trigger human momeries while staying close to their original product and context? As a result, a set of a mug handle, a couch cover and a pillowcase is proposed with each which captures human traces and keeps those traces for a period of time, for people to be remembered of their loved ones when they are not physically present.

Designs overview