negative lighting

Experiencein 2012


Philips Design, OPENLIGHT, TEDxBrainport

In a world in which we praise light, we often forget the beauty of shadow. Light and shadow are two intertwined concepts - there can't be light without shadow; and there can't be shadow without light. Shadow is created when an object is in front of a light source; or in a broader sense that when comparing surrounding light with the darkness created where it is no light.

Shadow, and darkness, can be as beneficial as we believe light is. Negative lighting, or the conscious creation of darkness, I am able to create a virtual cocoon in which people feel safe, introspective and disconnected to the surrounding environment. This creates a moment of personal feeling that allows the individual to spontaneously reflect on the past, look forward and enjoy the present.

In my installation, the experience of negative illumination accompanies you, simulating an intimate cloud. This cloud, intrinsically attached to you, "emits" a shadow which allows you to look at your interior and immerse into yourself.

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